måndag 15 augusti 2011

New in - White + Brown .

Hade helt och hållet glömt bort att jag hada dom här underbara sakerna hängandes i gaberoben. Ett långt linne eller kort klänning, beror på hur man ser det.
Personligen skulla jag säge "Långt linne som jag har instoppad i ett par höga shorts".
Köpte dom i Sverige när jag var hemme och hälsade på tidigare i sommar.
Jag älsker ryggen på dom, den är helt fantastisk!

I completely forgot that I had this 2 wonderful things in my wardrobe.
A long top or a short dress, depending on what you prefer. Personally I would say "It´s a long top that I wear tucked in with a pair of high waisted shorts"
I bought it when I was back in Sweden earlier this summer.
I love the back on this tops, they are amazing!

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  1. love it! :)

  2. The white one is beautiful.. I can imagine it as a dress with some brown booties


    My Stylish Little Secret

  3. the back of that top is beautiful!
    yeah i know what you mean about starting to feel insecure, it is hard to put yourself out there like that, that's what i've been feeling like trying to get my clothing line out there haha.

    i think i know where that is, but i spent most of my time in southern sweden. i really want to visit up north though when i head back for another trip!

    yeah the city colleges are a lot, lot, lot cheaper. that is why a lot of students go there first for two years and then transfer to a university for their next two years because they can save a lot of money that way!

    when you get your degree you have a major and then having a minor is optional. you have to take a certain number of classes that are required for your major and it is the same for whatever minor you choose but it is less classes to take for the minor. you could do a major in business, but for fashion or music you usually have to go to a more specific school not a general education school which is what a city college is. but you should check on their website because i'm not sure, on the site they usually can tell you what they offer for majors and minors :)

    at my school i studied art, specifically painting :) it is no problem, i am happy to help!!! any questions you have just let me know! and i look forward to hearing some of your music soon!

    xoxo hanna

  4. So gorgeous, I love the back! xo

  5. Beautiful blog)
    Perfect clothes!

  6. Now that's a versatile dress. you'll be able to wear it in many different ways. I really like the brown one. :P

    I'm having a Feather Earrings Giveaway. Come and join. :D
    Feather Earrings Giveaway!


  7. Great buy! Love the back on these tops. Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

    Fashion Cat

  8. You are so lucky then, one of my biggest dreams (if not the biggest one) is to travel to London :D
    I've always wanted to meet that city!


  9. Precioso!! I like your blog!
    Maybe we can follow each other?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  10. I love the first dress♥ and the back is gorgeous!
    xx Elsa

  11. -SOOO LOVELY! Please check out my blog when you get a chance!

    a fashion lawyer by day, fashion police by night...I play at red carpet events, shop all over town, and live life in the fab lane in LA!