onsdag 26 oktober 2011

Blog Award .

Jag måste börje med att be om ursäkt för att jag inte har svarat på de "Blog awards" som jag har fått. Det är väldigt roligt att jag har fått dem och det gör mig glad varje gång jag får en :) - har dock haft så fruktansvärt mycket att göre så jag har inte hunne gjort/svaret på dem ännu men nu tänkta jag göre det.
Jag har kollet tillbaks lite i kommentarerna osv men jag hittade bare från två sötnosar, (så om det är någon annan som vet av sig att dom har gett mig en award och vill bli länkad, hör av er.)
Det är förste gången som jag gör en Blog Award, så jag hoppes att jag gör rätt, haha :)


I have to start to apologize for not answering on the "blog awards" I've been given. It's very nice that I've got them and it makes me so happy every time someone award me :) - I've just been so busy so once again I apologize to the 2 sweet ladies that have given me this award. I am very thankful!
(I looked back on the comments but I can only find 2 awards so if there is someone that knows they've been giving me an award, just let me know and I'll link you in the post.)
It's the first time I'm doing a Blog Award so I hope I do right, haha!

http://erika-t.blogspot.com och http://rosecandle11.blogspot.com - Tack så jätte mycket sötnosar! / Thank you soo much sweethearts xxx

There is some small requirements for awarded bloggers, the criteria is really simple -

1. Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
2. Tell the world 7 random things about yourself.
3. Spread the love and awards to another 15 awesome bloggers :)

So here are the 15 lovely and fantastic bloggers that I wanna award -

And here are the 7 random facts about me -

1. I have six stitches in my eye (cat eye) cause I fell over on a knife when I was 2 years old.
2. I used to play Ice hockey with guys for 10 years, and I played on the highest league in Sweden for ladies. (until I broke my wrist and couldn't keep going.)
3. The first instrument I learned how to play was bas.
4. I need to have 50 50 milk and tea in my cuppa.
5. I love to laugh and see things positive.
6. I put my family, boyf, and friends before everything.
7. I'm planning to study in USA in the coming year or so

Thank you so much for taking time to read this post,



7 kommentarer:

  1. Aww u r so sweet, thanks. But I have some question.
    What's the link back the blogger u arded by? What do I have to link for u?

  2. hey girly!!:) thank you for nominating me. I will definitely put this in a future post.. it was nice to know a little bit more about you:) And I'm good btw!! how about you?? missed you girly!



  4. Lovely blog you have, and I always love reading little facts about people. Oh studying in the USA sounds great, I'd love to do that but from what I heard it's really difficult getting into university there... and I probably need to figure out what I want to study first, haha.

    Love, Lisa

  5. thank you so much for your award! ill try to do it too! im following you now :)

    thanks again!!!!


  6. hey girl, thank you for the award, i'm thrilled.!!
    i usually don't answer the questions, but i love to accept awards anyway ;) i know, i'm a badass..
    your blog rocks too.!!

    kissez from croatia..