fredag 3 juni 2011

JF - like a drug

Här är mine helt underbare skor som jag lovade en vän att lägge upp för ungefär ett halvår sedan men som man säger - bättre sent än aldrig!


Here is my amazing shoes that I promised my friend Jazz to put up on the blog for almost 6 months ago now - but better late than never!



2 kommentarer:

  1. mmhhmmmmm...J'adore! I wish I had managed to get the ones I wanted in America, but they had sold out everywhere :(
    BEAUTIFUL! xxxxxx

  2. I knoow! i wanted to have some in different colors aswell but i couldn´t get hold of anyones :/ luckily lewis is a brave man cause he saw a girl at the pub when he was still working there and asked her where he could get a pair, haha! so he got me them as a present :)
    they are addictive though.. xxxxxxxx